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Begins Saturday, May 18, 2019; 7:00 pm & 8:10 pm

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“We were so concerned with recent events and the world we would bring our children up in, but now we have hope!” – Megan

“I now understand Bible Prophecy for the first time in my life and have hope for the future! Now I know the news behind the news headlines and it all makes sense. This seminar delivered on everything it promised and really was free. Don’t let anything keep you from attending. It will change your life!” – Noel

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May 18, 2019; 7:00 pm & 8:10 pm
Elliott Community Center
2829 W. Meighan Blvd.
Gadsden, AL 35904

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Meet Our Presenters

Ralph Ringer, is a World Traveler, Radio-TV Speaker and International Lecturer. Mr. Ringer has degrees in History and Theology. He has made a deep study of Bible Prophecy and its relationship to what is happening in our world today! Mr. Ringer presents this exciting lecture series illustrated with computer generated graphics that will help you understand Bible Prophecy. Many have found the answers to life’s perplexing questions at these presentations.

Pastor Albert Frazier is a pastor and evangelist that has been serving the community for over 34 years. He has ministered across the United States and Kenya, East Africa. He has a BS in Secondary Education, a BA and MA in Theology, and is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Ministry. His expertise includes teaching Bible prophecy and its relationship to what is happening in our world today! Pastor Frazier has a strong desire to help others learn more about Jesus.


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