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Begins Friday, August 3, 2018, 7:00 PM

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“We were so concerned with recent events and the world we would bring our children up in, but now we have hope!” – Megan

“I now understand Bible Prophecy for the first time in my life and have hope for the future! Now I know the news behind the news headlines and it all makes sense. This seminar delivered on everything it promised and really was free. Don’t let anything keep you from attending. It will change your life!” – Noel

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August 3, 2018, 7:00 PM
Williamston Conference Auditorium
916 S. Putnam St.
Williamston, MI 48895

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Meet Our Presenter

Wes Peppers explored atheism, agnosticism and religion to discover the meaning of life. Contemplating suicide, he skeptically searched the Bible as a final effort to find peace. The truth he discovered gave him real answers that changed his life. He is a two time cancer survivor and now enjoys helping others find hope and purpose in their lives. He encourages all from any or no belief system to attend this life-transforming series that has touched millions globally.

Health & Lifestyle Topics Presented
At select meetings there will be a preliminary health and lifestyle segment. In this portion of the program, you will learn how simple lifestyle changes can dramatically improve your overall health. You will also learn what the Bible has to say about some of the most practical areas of our lives.


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